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The HumHash class manages data conversions for the humlib library.


HumHash Public functions

HumHash — HumHash constructor.
deleteValue — Delete the given parameter key from the HumHash object.
getKeys — Return a list of keys in a particular namespace combination.
getOrigin — Get the source token for the parameter.
getParameterCount — Return a count of the parameters which are stored in the HumHash.
getValue — Returns the value specified by the given key.
getValueBool — Return true or false based on the value.
getValueFloat — Return the floating-point interpretation of the value string.
getValueFraction — Return the value as a HumNum fraction.
getValueHTp — Return an address of a HumdrumToken.
getValueInt — Return the value as an integer.
hasParameters — Returns true if at least one parameter is defined in the HumHash object (when no arguments are given to the function).
isDefined — Returns true if the given parameter exists in the map.
printXml — Print object as a element for in a HumdrumXML file.</span></div>
setOrigin — Set the source token for the parameter.
setPrefix — initial string to print when using operator<<.
setValue — Set the parameter to the given value, over-writing any previous value for the parameter.